for Oakville, Burlington, & Milton area

Call or Text to Cell: 905-580-9578


Before you bring your device to us:

* Please, bring your charger as well in case of charging failure to check your charger together. 

* Backup your data regularly and before the repair, if possible.

* We test your device for major functions before and after repair work to make sure. Therefore, please, release your passcode before bring it to us if possible.

* Be aware the required repair time:

        Phone screen replacement - 1 hr 

        Phone top glass replacement - 2 hrs 

        iPad screen replacement - 2 hrs

* Sending cell phone text is better than e-mailing for prompt response.

* 7days work, but appointment required. 


Other general advices for your device

* For water damage case:

  If you encountered drop your device in the water, please bring the device immediately to a technician near you so that he/she disassemble and dry water drops out entirely.

  Otherwise, tiny water drops on the board develops rust on the metal parts on the components and you may loose whole device. If it is Galaxy model, take out battery immediately. Unfortunately, Apple products were designed not easy to take out battery. Therefore, bring the device to a technician as soon as possible is the best way. If a current flows on the devices, it accelerates rust and make things worse. Do not try to turn on with battery or charging.


* For software upgrade issue:

 We observed several cases that people were struggling with the device does not work once they upgraded their OS unnecessarily. Then, they want to downgrade again. However, unfortunately, Apple does not allow any downgrade. Then, there is no way except you loose your device. That is pity situation. Therefore, be careful when you try to upgrade your OS especially in case your device is Apple product. In case of Samsung product, there is a way to downgrade Android version by using Odin program. If your case is this, please consult us for the solution. However, for all cases, it is the best not to upgrade unless it is absolutely necessary.


* For Apple ID and password issue:

 When you activate your Apple device at the beginning, Apple forces you to sign up Apple ID and password. Once, people made them they may forget the ID or password after long time. If your device has a problem like software issue, the one way is to restore the OS from iTunes. However, on this stage, iTunes ask you to enter your Apple ID and password. If you forgot your password, there is no way to save your device. Several hundred value device become useless just because you cannot remember the Apple ID password. This is inhuman. Apple says this is to protect users. However, ironically, we observed it hurts users in many cases. If you have proof that the device belongs you, like receipt, you can bring your device to Apple store and ask them to help you. But, if it is not the first hand goods, it would be problematic. Therefore, keep record for your Apple ID password in a safe place when you create it and make sure that you can use it when you need it. For the case of you buy or receive Apple device as a gift, please ask the Apple ID and password of previous owner to prevent the case of difficult situation.